Live glassblowing show with mobile furnace

Glass craft demonstration often turns out as a highlight at gatherings of all kinds, from fairs and festivals to weddings and teambuilding events.

We also organize interactive workshops, where participants take part in the work process and take their own products home as souvenirs.

Glassmaking presentations, performances and workshops

We are a self-sufficient unit, all we need is electricity (220 V) and a bit of space – ideally 8×5 m for a tent, on level ground, both street and lawn are acceptable.

We'll bring everything else with us, including the cooling oven that lets you take home the products of our common glassmaking session when they cool down (i. e. the next day).

We arrive at the venue one day earlier (typically late afternoon), as we need time to get prepared and melt the batch. We can perform at any time of the year, as it's always nice and warm around the furnace. 😉

We always bring a sales display of our glassware with us.

In addition to the mobile furnace, we can also demonstrate the production of wound beads on a burner upon advance arrangement.

Glassmaking demonstrations and workshops
Glassmaking demonstrations and workshops
Photo: © Petr Hnilička

Glassmaking demonstrations price

The price for one demonstration day conducted by master glassmakers using a mobile glass furnace is
25 000 Kč (exc. VAT) + transport 12 Kč/km (exc. VAT).

The price for two consecutive days is
40 000 Kč (exc. VAT) + transport 12 Kč/km (exc. VAT).

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