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Live glassblowing!

15. 6. LustrFest Kamenický Šenov

16.–18. 8. Skláření v Českém Krumlově

31. 8. Sklářská tradice ve Chřibské

21. 9. Skláření ve sklárně Jakub v Tasicích

5. 10. Skláření na IGS v Novém Boru

16. 11. Skláření ve sklárně Jakub v Tasicích

21.+22 12. Vánoční skláření Karviná

Custom made handcrafted glass with emphasis on authenticity, craftmanship and artistic value.

If you're considering an order or collaboration, you might want to refine your idea by checking our catalogue (PDF, 21 MB).

Glassmaking demonstrations and workshops with a mobile furnace often turn out as an exciting feature of your celebrations and other events.


See it to believe it!

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Feel free to browse our eshop in Czech to see more of our work. Sadly the eshop currently only serves Czechia, but please do get in touch in case you are interested in something.

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